Gable Bostic

  1. Force-Majeure
  2. Flashpoint
  3. Easton Arch
  4. Zilker Brewing Co
  5. New Haven Door
  6. Rocky Rd
  7. Madison Ct

  1. Collective Domesticity 
  2. Good - Well, Better
  3. Shift
  4. Break the Cycle
  5. Commons Ford
  6. Barton Springs
  7. Gimme Shelter
  8. Small Bite

  1. Nodo Lounge Chair
  2. Bexar Chair
  3. Tre Table
  4. Shen Stool
  5. 701 Lounger
  6. 701 Cafe Chair
  7. Break Table and Stools
  8. Cask Rocker
  9. Bike Rack

Gable Bostic —

is a designer with plans of becoming an architect. He has lived here and there around Texas and picked up a few degrees along the way. For a while he designed and built furniture in Austin. When he’s not spending time with his wife and dogs, he’s probably on a bike.


4. Zilker Brewing Co


Info Austin, Texas
Team Dick Clark + Associates in Collaboration with Gable Bostic of Petrified Design
Date Completed April 2015

            The team at Zilker Brewing Co. in Austin approached Petrified Design to bring the design of Dick Clark + Associates to fruition, as well as design and build custom furniture, for their tasting room located at 1701 E 6th St. Based off a sketch-up model provided by the firm, I developed the shop drawings for the drop ceiling and refrigerated bar that held kegs visible from the front. Not having experience in refrigeration design, a refrigeration company located in Austin assisted in insulation and window specs. From there, I led our fabrication team throughout the build.