Rocky Rd Condos


Info Outside Marble Falls, Texas
Team Gable Bostic
Date February 2018

            This project was proposed to me by a client who owns five acres overlooking lake Marble Falls. They wanted to be able to present concept designs to potential investors for a condo community. The community would start with a small initial condo cluster and grow to add more clusters and community amenities, like a pool. The site is situated high above a bend in the lake which offers breathtaking views of the sunset. Capturing this view and maintaining a sense of seclusion while providing protection from the harsh Texas summers were the main goals of the client. To achieve these goals, I set the condos at an angle on the site with thick rammed earth walls facing south and shifted each unit back 20 feet. Doing this allows for panoramic views of the lake for each condo. Additionally, it maintains privacy between units, and the rammed earth walls absorb solar radiation. To maximize space on the site, the condos spread vertically with the bottom level set back into the hill side and the entrance moved to the second level.