Break the Cycle


Info Vertical Studio, Professor Francisco Gomes
Team Gable Bostic
Date Spring 2019

            America has a growing opioid epidemic crisis that has seen a spike in deaths in recent years with the availability of highly potent, synthetic opioids, particularly those involving illicitly manufactured fentanyl. Some users are forced to these illicit versions of opioids after finding the prescription drugs, originally prescribed by doctors and subsequently starting their addiction, unaffordable or unavailable; previous users of natural opioids attracted by the powerful high and cheap prices. Once addicted to these substances, most users are left with no support battling their illness.

            Modeled after the Centro das Taipas in Lisbon, Portugal, my proposal for a drug addiction treatment center would offer a variety of services including consultation, a day center for individuals needing a safe place to cope for a short time and a detoxification unit for those needing longer stays. The variety of treatment options allow all levels of addiction to get the attention needed.

            The building is comprised of a series of intersecting and overlapping volumes, each emphasizing a different view of the site, oriented to facilitate various lighting conditions in shared interior spaces and on balconies through the duration of the day. The quantity and arrangement of these spaces encourages the inhabitants to focus on their recovery in the setting and privacy level of their choosing.