Gable Bostic

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Gable Bostic —

is a designer with plans of becoming an architect. He has lived here and there around Texas and picked up a few degrees along the way. For a while he designed and built furniture in Austin. When he’s not spending time with his wife and dogs, he’s probably on a bike.


5. Under the Canopy


Info Vertical Studio, Professor Cisco Gomes
Team Gable Bostic
Date Spring 2019

            My proposal for the kindergarten rehabilitation aims to offer a landmark building in the district of La Arboleda de Fatima, that creates a sense of pride in the community.  

            Through close examination of the site and needs of the future inhabitants, I found it was appropriate to address environmental conditions of the site without extensive additions to the existing buildings. To achieve this, the design focuses on directing water to strategic areas through the addition of a roof that rest on the existing buildings. To adapt the covered sports area for the new program, openings were created allowing for natural light and additional green space to be added to the center of the building. Small additions were made to the overall footprint to create two extra classrooms and an administrative office. Portions of the perimeter fence were removed to engage the updated kindergarten with the surrounding community.

            With affordability and sustainability in mind, the roof structure is designed using bamboo. Any removed roofing material, in acceptable condition, will be used on new roof addition to minimize costs. Masonry components of exterior fence that are removed can be used for both flooring and built-in seating of the new structure.